2002 RUF RTurbo Brings In The Big Bucks

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Just last weekend, I talked up Collecting Cars for snagging most of the top 5 spots on the charts.

This time around, Bring a Trailer hit the turbo, clinching 9 of the top 10 spots in sales. All platforms raked in a cool $7.9 million over the weekend. Now, I can't dive deep into every sale (though I've dished on the best of the bunch), but feel free to check out each of the top 5 listings below for the full scoop.

And hey, I can't skip mentioning Friday's haul—$7 million in sales, highlighted by a stunning 2012 Lexus LFA that fetched a whopping $890,000.

2002 RUF Rturbo Narrow-Body Coupe $441,000 (see below)

Shelby Cobra CSX1000 $335,000

2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast $325,000

1989 Porsche 911 Speedster $305,000

1969 Ford Bronco $215,000

CyberTruck Shenanigans

The Cybertruck: You Can't Look Away—It's as simple as that. There's really nothing left to say that hasn't already been covered; you're either in the camp that adores it or in the one that doesn't. And it's much the same with Musk—you either champion him or you don't. That's pretty much the direction most of the chatter veered towards with this particular listing on BaT.

Diving into the digits: It fetched $160,000, outdoing the highest bid from last week on Cars & Bids by $2k—a hearty congrats to the purchaser. At the moment, it's garnered roughly 106,000 eyeballs and over 750 comments. The original listing on Cars & Bids? A whopping 196,000 views. The ongoing auction? Sitting at a 'mere' 43,000. It's undeniable—it's drawing massive attention and sparking lively discussions on both platforms.

Massive props to Randy from BaT, who dove into the fray on a Saturday evening to bring some calm to the stormy comment section. He didn't need to be there, potentially trading a serene beach evening and cocktails for the heat of online debate. It's a testament to his dedication—he's built his empire, sold a significant part of it, and yet, he remains deeply invested.

Let's keep an eye on how the Cars & Bids auction wraps up today…

And, I've got this inkling that the Cybertruck will be making headlines again tomorrow—stay tuned for some upcoming news.

RUF RTurbo: The Pinnacle of Performance

Stepping into the realm of RUF is like entering the pantheon of automotive excellence, and this 2002 RUF Rturbo Narrow-Body Coupe is no exception. You've hit the jackpot when you secure a premium RUF in pristine condition. Let's get this straight: 996? RUF? Absolute perfection. RUF stands as the gold standard among Porsche tuners, and this car is the epitome of that status. We're talking about the real deal here—a RUF RTurbo that's an absolute thrill to drive.

This isn't just any high-performance machine; it's a RUF Automotive original, built from the ground up. Starting with a blank canvas, a white body purchased without a Porsche VIN, it's meticulously crafted at RUF and emerges with its own unique VIN. This is no mere Porsche conversion. Highlighting BaT's knack for showcasing the cream of the crop over the weekend, this RUF represents the pinnacle of automotive mastery. Selling for $441,000, it's clear this car commands both respect and a hefty price tag, backed by over 359 comments and thousands of views across its listings.

But let's dive deeper—beneath its Polar Silver Metallic exterior lies a powerhouse: a twin-turbocharged 3.6L flat-six engine, enhanced by RUF's masterful touch with KKK turbochargers, a remapped ECU, and a revised exhaust system, delivering a staggering 520 horsepower. All this, coupled with a six-speed manual transaxle and all-wheel drive, makes for an exhilarating drive that's hard to match.

Massive kudos to the seller MobileWorkWest who has listed 6 cars and sold 6 cars, and to the visionary minds at RUF for crafting such a breathtaking masterpiece. This 2002 RUF Rturbo isn't just a car; it's a testament to the pinnacle of engineering and design. For those in the know, owning a RUF is not just a statement—it's a lifelong dream realized.

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