E30 vs E46 – are prices going up or down?

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Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Ten most expensive cars sold on auction yesterday

  • Three bargains or rust buckets

  • Crazy crash

  • M3 Market Trends

Hold onto your hats, folks, 'cause we've got some serious speed machines that'll make your jaw drop! We've gathered up the top 10 most outrageously expensive cars sold at yesterday's online auctions, and boy oh boy, these babies are worth more than a truckload of cash!

Our super cool infographic below spills all the beans on the eye-popping prices these bad boys fetched. So sit tight, buckle up, and brace yourselves for some serious luxury overload! These cars are so freakin' fancy, they'll make your head spin!

Which is your favorite one? For me it's either the Rolls Royce or the Shelby…

Answers on a postcard what you'd do with the 1960 Leyland Tank!!

March 27th most expensive cars sold on auction


It's not only super expensive cars that get sold on the online auction sites. Every day there are plenty of bargains to be had. The question is, are these three which were the cheapest sold yesterday bargains or rust buckets?

First up is this 1979 Cadillac Sedan De Ville d'Elegance. It was given a makeover and turned into a fancy wagon by R.S. Harper Custom Coachbuilders. It's got a 425ci V8 engine, air conditioning, a Pioneer AM/FM stereo, and a maroon leather interior. Oh, and did we mention it was sold for just $3,426 yesterday?! The exterior has some rust, but overall, do you think it was a total bargain or a rust bucket?

This 1987 Volkswagen Passat, previously owned by the criminal police in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is up for grabs. And let us tell you, it's got quite the story!

Not only is it one of the few sedans supplied to the German police (most were station wagons), but it comes with a complete police uniform, police coat, and even a glass beer mug. Talk about a unique purchase!

This baby may have a few tears on the driver's seat, but it's in great condition overall with no signs of rust. Plus, the engine has had some major TLC with a new timing belt and spark plugs. Was the sale price of €3600 a bargain?

Well, well, well, look at this bad boy! The Deuce and a Half is not your average ride, my friend. It's got six axles and can basically go anywhere without breaking a sweat. And get this, it sold for only $3700! That's a steal, if you ask me.

This beast was originally built for the military, which means it's tough as nails and can handle whatever you throw at it. And even though it's a little rough around the edges, you can still get parts for it and customize it to your heart's content.

Don't expect luxury on the inside though. This thing was made for transporting people, fuel, and ammunition in challenging terrain, not for sipping champagne and nibbling on caviar. But hey, if you're into camping and want a unique camper van, the Deuce and a Half could be your ticket to adventure!

And let's not forget the history behind this vehicle. It served in the military for half a century and has a reputation for being one tough cookie.


Last week, the drivers on Ronald Reagan Freeway in Los Angeles were in for a wild ride. A dashcam video captured by Anoop Khatra's Tesla showed a heart-stopping moment when a car went airborne and flipped mid-air, all thanks to a rogue tire that came loose from a truck passing by.

As if it was a scene straight out of an action movie, the Kia Soul was passing the truck when the tire flew off and hit the car, sending it into the air in a complete flip. In a bizarre twist of fate, the same tire then hit the car again as it landed.

While it's not uncommon for vehicles to lose their tires, the footage shows just how dangerous it can be. The pickup truck driver managed to exit the freeway on three wheels, but fortunately, there were no serious injuries reported.

It's hard not to be impressed by the resilience of the drivers in LA. In a city known for its car culture, it seems like anything can happen on the road. Who needs Hollywood stunts when you have real-life action scenes like this one on the freeway?


If you're a fan of BMW M3 Coupes and are considering buying one, you might have noticed that the prices for the E30 and E46 models can vary quite a bit. According to online auction data from the past year, the average sale price for an E30 was around $74,000 while the E46 averaged around $32,000. These are obviously very different cars with different levels of performance and technology, but it's interesting to see that the sale price trends for both models have remained quite steady over the last 12 months.

Highest sale 2023 1987 BMW M3 6-Speed $96,000

Interestingly, the most popular E30 model sold over the last year was the 1988 model, while the most popular E46 year was 2004. This could be due to a variety of factors, such as availability or desirability among collectors. As for which car is right for you, that ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. The E30 is a classic car with a lot of character and a dedicated fanbase, but it might not have all the features and comforts you're used to in a modern car. The E46 is a more modern car with better technology and performance, but it might not have the same classic appeal as the E30.

Highest sale 2023 1987 BMW M3 6-Speed $62,000

Looking ahead, it's hard to say where prices will go over the next 12 months. It's very possible that they could remain steady or even increase, especially for well-maintained and rare models. The supply is solid with at least five M3's being sold daily across the online auction sites. As the last year and even last two years data has shown us prices in general are not moving too much either way with these models.

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