Fake Bidder Fiasco Torpedoes Sketchy Auction

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Kicking off the week with a fresh batch of juicy insights from the online auction realm. Let’s dive straight in.


💰 The figures shared below don’t count any other sales such as car seats, memorabilia etc… All online auction sites are analyzed to put this leaderboard together.

The reserve sell-through rate is just for cars that are listed with a reserve. The full sell-through rate includes all auctions, reserve and no-reserve.

I only include websites that have sold 5+ cars in the chart below.

Even though Mondays are typically a bit slower on the virtual lanes, yesterday was still humming along at a healthy $5.8 million in total sales across the major platforms. Not too shabby at all for what's usually one of the sleepier days of the week!

And let's be real here – the torrid pace we've been witnessing from the heavyweight players like BaT and Cars & Bids show absolutely zero signs of letting up anytime soon. Just look at those crazy high sell-through rates they've been maintaining on the biggest marquee lots. It's complete pandemonium out there, in the best way possible!

Last week we even had one absolute barnburner of a day that saw over 100 individual hammer drops across the board. A stat like that would've been unthinkable just a couple years ago. But nowadays, it's just another chapter in the online auction renaissance we're living through.

The big question on my mind is whether we'll see any more of those triple-digit sale totals this week? I certainly wouldn't put it past these guys to continue demolishing records left and right!

One thing's for sure – I'll be watching all the action like a hawk and reporting back on the juiciest insights. That way you savvy Vroomers can stay plugged into exactly what's heating up and where the momentum is building. This market shows no signs of cooling off anytime soon!


Click on the cars to check out each listing! See my take on them below.

2006 Ford GT $407,300

2022 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Clubsport $193,500

1989 Porsche 911 Speedster $179,000

2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 70th Anniversary $170,000

2014 Porsche 911 50th Anniversary $160,000

Fake Bidder Fiasco Torpedoes Sketchy Auction

Oh man, the ol' fake bidder account scheme to try and artificially drive up pricing – it's an unfortunate reality that I'm sure goes on behind the scenes more often than we'd like to think across all these auction platforms. The sites preach transparency and make it clear that any shill bidding or seller funny business is strictly verboten. But policing and catching those acts can be seriously tough, especially for the bigger outfits juggling thousands of active auctions at any given time.

Sometimes though, these sellers' pathetic attempts to manipulate the process just completely blow up in their faces in spectacular fashion – like what just went down with that sketchy 1985 Mercedes 500SL listing yesterday. This has to be an all-timer for terrible covering of one's own tracks!

So from what I gathered, some rando "new bidder" account starts throwing out a few fairly meaningless bids early on. Already a bit of a red flag, but nothing too outrageous yet. But then this same "bidder" is suddenly chiming in on comments, offering advice about smog compliance and even shipping logistics for the car? Massive, glaring red flag number two right there.

The hilarious part is, this seller genius forgot to switch back to his actual registered seller account after creating the fake bidder profile. So he's over there straight up responding to questions and comments from the bogus bidder account he just cooked up to shill for himself!

At that point, the jig was up. One of the sharper community members picked up on the ridiculous back-and-forth and straight up called out the seller for bidding on his own auction. Rather than just fessing up, this clown decides to double down in denial mode, (see below) making some feeble attempt at a coverup that nobody was buying.

Kudos to BaT though – they stayed true to protecting their platform integrity, pulled the shady listing, and gave props to their awesome community for sniffing out the deception pretty much immediately. You just hate to see it, but it's the exact right move to safeguard that all-important transparency and fairness that's so vital for buyer confidence in this space.

Let this be a lesson to any other sellers thinking about cooking up fake bidder accounts to run a shill bidding scheme – the teams and communities surrounding these platforms are way too dialed in to let that nonsense fly. Better off just setting a reasonable reserve and letting the market dictate the real value, rather than making a laughingstock of yourself!

Your Feedback

Yesterday we asked you ‘Do you support BaT listing more sub-$10k affordable/regular classic cars?’

Here’s how you voted with 47% of you saying yes.

Below are a selection of your comments.

I don’t understand why they’re doing this. They said no forever to so many potential listings and now they’re accepting all this shi**y listings?

Suggestion: Two BaT sites. 1. www.bat.bigbucks.com 2. www.bat.realpeople.com

I’m one of those guys who wakes up every morning and strolls through BaT listings just t to get the heart pumping. Although I’ve never bid yet, it’s going to happen and having more “mere mortal” listings just keeps me coming back.

Pair of Epic Machines

It's not every day you see a pair of certifiably epic machines hitting the auction block simultaneously from the same seller! But that's precisely what just went down courtesy of user Scott_Ales. When unicorn-level rides of this caliber get uncorked together, you just have to stop, drop everything, and appreciate the spectacle with a resounding "WOW."

We're staring down the prospect of BaT's next million-dollar thrillride as this sinister Nightmist Blue beast enters its final furlong. But raw numbers and tech briefings can't properly capture the visceralferocity and adrenaline rush that this carbon-bodied apex predator delivers from behind the wheel.

Just imagine it – tingles shooting down your spine as you thumb that bright red starter button and awaken the 660 horsepower EcoBoost leviathan sitting inches behind your shoulder blades. The crisp, primal snarl of that Akrapovic titanium exhaust reverberating through your whole body like a tuning fork.

So as the bidding frenzy rages down to the wire today, just pause and appreciate this Carbon Series GT for what it truly is – not some technological spec box full of numbers.

It's an elemental mind-altering experience, a road-going roller coaster giving you a full-fledged adrenaline IV drip from the word go. An assault on the senses unlike anything this side of a fighter jet or F1 racer. That's the real appeal behind the big money being thrown around.

This fresh RCR40 Mk IV tribute hitting the BaT blocks is a 10-day front-row seat to motoring nirvana. Fire up that snarling 427ci Cleveland brute and you're instantaneously hardwired into a full-bodied 4D sensory assault.

The bellowing headers, the intoxicating aromas, the steering wheel kicking in your hands as those meats fight for grip – it's a pure undiluted adrenaline IV drip from the second you roll out of the pit. An utterly visceral experience making every hair on your neck stand at attention.

For the select few who'll never experience the real deal Le Mans-winning GT40s, high-octane replicas like this RCR40 are the next best way to get drenched in that tidal wave of driving euphoria.

Auction Highlights

Here are a few select auctions ending today.

Sometimes we get to peek behind the curtain to see what those who can drive anything, choose to drive (or build) on their own time. Here we have a stellar seller of all things automotive, who gets to drive F40s and countless Porsches, who has clearly been left to his own devices – and imagination – in a unique and inspiring build. Lots of thought and great details have gone into making this a dream come true.

With only 1,000 miles, this may be your last chance to find a new 2023 E63S Wagon. This sports wagon can replace 5 other cars in your garage, or in your virtual garage, with few – if any – sacrifices. It has speed, space, understated elegance, and an exclusiveness that is almost unmatched

This SWB beauty has spent most of its life in Los Angeles. With a clear ownership history and a seller who seems passionate and active in the community, this seems like a dialed in early 911 that a buyer would want to find.