Ferrari Overtaking Porsche's Sales Crown?

The Daily Vroom

Good morning, Vroomers!

Thank you all for the great feedback yesterday on who you'd like us to interview next! So many cool names were suggested. We'll reach out to some of them and see what we can line up.

Yesterday’s Top Two Sales

2022 Ferrari F8 Spider $392,000

Ferraris are increasingly dominating the top sales charts daily, which used to be Porsche. Next week we’ll dig deeper into the numbers to see how they’re faring against each other.

The number one seller yesterday, the F8 Spider was snagged by the seller for $392k, with the original MSRP at $403k. In fact, with a third party handling the sale, there's an additional 10% going out the window. Sometimes, though, you just need to make room in the collection and let some cars go. (so I hear from the big collectors!)

On a slightly different note, BaT has tweaked their Verified Checkout button, featured on this listing. It seems they’ve made it more prominent, likely because it hasn’t been getting much use. My guess is they’re aiming to boost visibility and encourage more people to utilize the feature.

2007 Ferrari F430 Spider 6-Speed $337,500

Another Ferrari has crossed the auction block, and it snagged the number two spot in yesterday's sales. The F430's design is undeniably classic, capturing the essence of what it means to experience a Ferrari. Driving a manual F430 Spider down a scenic road, with the top down, is quintessential sports car joy.

This particular manual F430 fetched $337,500. While impressive, it's slightly lower than another manual F430 that sold for $350k last year. The discerning factor affecting Ferrari F430 prices often boils down to the transmission. Manuals hold a premium, revered as collectors' items, while their automatic counterparts typically fetch significantly less—a trend clearly reflected in auction outcomes.

Though this sale didn’t break any records, it highlights the solid investment potential of manual F430s. Their enduring demand and strong market values underscore their appeal among enthusiasts and collectors alike, confirming that for the purest driving experience and best investment, manual is the way to go.

Yesterday’s Potential Bargain Of The Day

Yesterday, we spotlighted a classic 1984 BMW 635CSi as our potential bargain of the day. With only a few hours left and the bid sitting at $7,900, the seller's lack of responsiveness might have deterred some potential buyers. However, as the clock ticked down, the seller finally stepped up, sparking a flurry of last-minute bidding that pushed the price up to $14,300. Even at that price, this Euro E24 still looked like a 'bargain.'

Unfortunately, despite the late excitement, the sale ended without meeting the reserve. But not to worry, there are always more potential bargains on the horizon for us to keep an eye on.

High-End Auctions

Continuing our spotlight on high-end auctions, today we’re closing in on the end of bidding for a gem that’s as exhilarating to look at as it is to drive—the 2024 McLaren 750S Spider. This marvel of engineering, currently parked at a bid of $338,333 with hours left to go, showcases why driving a supercar is about more than just speed; it's about the experience.

Housed under the prestigious Gilstrap Collection and featured on SOMO, which continues to attract top-tier vehicles, this McLaren stands out. It’s not just any sports car; it's a statement on wheels, combining breathtaking aesthetics with raw power. Painted in striking Ice White and equipped with a formidable twin-turbo V8, this car doesn't just move, it mesmerizes.

With just 100 miles on the odometer, this 750S Spider is virtually new and comes loaded with over $100k in options. The car's sleek design is enhanced by extensive carbon fiber detailing that not only adds to its visual appeal but also its aerodynamic efficiency. Inside, the fusion of TechLux Jet Black & Harrisa Red upholstery screams luxury, tailor-made for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

This auction may heat up as it nears its conclusion, typical for a vehicle of such caliber. I imagine that a sale price has to be around $420-$450k. Let’s wait and see…

Nearly(ish) Sale of the Day

Damn, that G36 AMG was one rad rig! High bid of $23,484 was not enough. The seller was holding out for $30k+, which hey, more power to him – you gotta shoot your shot on something that unique. With the bulletproof windows and presidential Croatian history, it's tough to put an exact value on it since there's no real comps out there.

But based on the specs, somewhere between $25-30k seems like a pretty fair range to me. Although at the end of the day, true value is whatever two motivated buyers are willing to go buck wild over once that auction room heat is on!

No sale this time around, but there's always another day in the classic car rodeo. Maybe someone will spot that Azure Blue beast and just have to make it their own, cost be damned. You never know when the bug is gonna bite! Either way, a wicked cool piece of forbidden 4×4 fruit.

Potential Bargain Of The Weekend

Yeah, I know this isn't actually a Singer car, or it would be an absolute steal! But hey, the sign itself is pretty rad and for just a couple grand, it would make an awesome addition for any Singer fan's collection.