Luxury Unleashed: Rare Hypercars & Yachts Hit the Global Auction Stage!

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Welcome to a special edition of our newsletter, where we dive into the luxurious and exhilarating world of high-end auctions with today’s spotlight on SBX Cars, a pioneering online auction house making waves at the summit of the market. As we venture into this exclusive realm, we uncover the dynamic landscape of online luxury auctions, where rare gems—from ultra-sleek hypercars to avant-garde artifacts—find new homes among the world's elite collectors.

In this edition, we'll explore how SBX Cars is not just participating in the market but actively shaping it, aiming to carve out a new niche at the pinnacle of luxury sales. With their innovative approach and daring offerings, SBX stands poised to challenge the norms of traditional auction houses. Join me as we dissect the mechanics of these high-stakes auctions, gain insights from the latest sales, and predict the ripples this new player might send across the global luxury market.

Yesterday they had their first sale, the No Reserve listing for the Cybertruck which sold for a very respectable $170k, they were offering free worldwide shipping to the winner, which probably tipped the scale as the winner was from Mexico and other bidders were no doubt from around the world.

Luxury Market Special

Before we dive right into our first platform and the newest platform SBX Cars, just a reminder to where the market sits, here’s a quick recap of the average prices of vehicles sold—$46k on BaT and $29k on C&B.(so far this year) The overall market's average sale price this year is edging just above $44k.

SBX Cars burst onto the scene just 15 days ago, making quite the entrance. If you missed our chat with the founder, Supercar Blondie—yeah, that’s Alex—make sure to check out the interview here. Their concept is truly next-level, focusing on incredibly unique rides. We’re talking about those jaw-dropping, often one-of-a-kind or maybe three-of-a-kind machines that you just don’t see every day—cars, vehicles, even robots.

One of the big advantages SBX Cars brings to the table is their global reach. With bases in key spots like Europe, Dubai, and Los Angeles, and thanks to Alex’s massive following and deep connections in the supercar world, they’ve got access to some of the most elusive sellers and collectors out there. Their launch lineup? It’s nothing short of spectacular, with vehicles valued at over $100 million. So, let’s dive into a few of the extraordinary machines they’ve got up for grabs right now.

Kicking off with a listing straight from the UAE, SBX Cars distinguishes itself from the very start, showcasing not only a global reach but also attracting bidders from across the world. This approach underscores their commitment to tapping into the luxury market on a grand scale. They have extremely rare cars such as the 1 of 9 Lamborghini Veneno.

So many incredible cars, but I’m starting with the 2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG One, a machine that doesn't just push boundaries—it obliterates them. With only 275 units ever made, this car is the epitome of exclusivity and engineering prowess. Its presence on the auction block in local currency opens it up as a unique treasure for collectors globally, including those in the US who, with enough determination, could navigate the complex import process under the "show or display exemption." This allows exceptionally rare vehicles to be brought stateside, provided they're driven under 2,500 miles per year.

Now, let’s talk specifics. This AMG One isn’t just about raw power; it’s about intelligent, fierce power. The heart of this beast is a Formula One-derived 1.6-liter turbo V6 paired with four electric motors, delivering a staggering 1,049 horsepower. But power is nothing without control, which is why the AMG One features cutting-edge active aerodynamics. From an active air brake to dynamic flaps, this car doesn’t just handle airflow; it dominates it, continuously adjusting to provide optimal speed and stability.

Inside, you’re met with a cockpit that blends luxury with race-ready technology, echoing the intense, mechanical symphony of a Formula One car—a sound that’s purely authentic, without any artificial enhancements. With only 89 kilometers on the clock and a current bid of 1,200,000 AED, ($330,000) this car is a formidable proposition for any serious collector.

The only other AMG One I could find for sale is listed with zero mileage in the UAE for close to $5 million. Considering this car's slight use, a target of around $4.5 million+ could be expected, reflecting its nearly pristine condition and immense rarity.

As the auction unfolds, bidding went live a week ago, this auction reflects the type of vehicles SBX are going to be auctioning off. I wonder if we’re start to see serious bids closer to the end or before that. We’ve seen with other platforms that bids start to get tasty on the final day, but certainly there are many auctions that have high bids early on.

While many of the cars featured in SBX Cars' auctions make their debut on the online market due to their high price tags—often no sales have ever topped $6 million—there are exceptions like this 2019 McLaren Senna XP Home Victory Edition. Previously listed but unsold at the beginning of 2023 on two auction platforms for $1,125,000 & $1.2m it's a standout case. This situation raises a compelling point about SBX Cars: their ability to tap into a unique network of buyers that other online auctions might not reach. This could make all the difference in whether a car that didn’t sell before finds a new owner this time around.

Given its history, it will be particularly interesting to see how this McLaren fares on SBX, a platform that prides itself on reaching a global, affluent audience seeking the ultra-exclusive. Will the final bid be higher? Will it sell this time? These questions underscore the dynamic nature of the luxury auction market, where the platform's reach and the car’s unique attributes can lead to varying results. The McLaren, with its rich racing heritage and limited production run, represents a true test of SBX's market impact compared to other platforms.

In fact if we go one step further. What everyone is waiting to see is how Supercar Blondie’s community translates to buyers. Not long to go as the first reserve auction ends in 5 days. As always I’ll be here to report back.

I can’t possibly go through all of their vehicles- but his 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype, known internally as "F150 Prototipo Preserie PS1," really caught my eye as it’s an emblem of Ferrari’s pioneering spirit in the hypercar realm. Once sold at a live auction for a staggering $2.5 million, the vehicle's current bidding is at $270,000—a figure that, considering its history, could be a prudent starting point to acquire this piece of automotive history.

This prototype is a third-phase pre-series model, representing the final testing stage before LaFerrari entered production. It is identical in both cosmetic and mechanical specifications to the production cars, making it a prime candidate for serious collectors and museums. This model, which is not road-legal and capped at a speed of 30 mph for demonstration purposes, encapsulates the advanced development of Ferrari’s hybrid technology.

Featuring a 6.3-liter Type F140FE V12 engine, complemented by a HY-KERS hybrid powertrain, the car boasts an impressive 950 horsepower. It’s draped in Ferrari’s signature Rosso Corsa and Matte Black, with a striking red leather interior accented with black piping and carbon fiber details. Despite its prototype status, this LaFerrari has covered 10,198 miles, indicating its significant role as a test bed for the technologies that would define Ferrari’s future direction.

Look, it's absolutely thrilling to witness a newcomer shaking up the auction scene like this. We're talking about the crème de la crème of the market here. Typically, these high-caliber vehicles are exchanged in hushed tones at live auctions, handed off through exclusive brokers, or perhaps via upscale dealerships—but never before have we seen such treasures boldly stepping into the spotlight of an online auction.

The buzz is real, and everyone's itching to see how these multimillion-dollar bids will pan out online. From what I gather, there’s a global audience locked into the bidding process right now. But the real question hangs in the air: will these eager bidders actually convert into buyers? I’m crossing my fingers because, let me tell you, I’m all geared up to dive deep into the insights and trends from these sales if they do.

Current online auction platforms might seem unfazed by the newcomer SBX, but you bet your bottom dollar that the big guns like RM Sotheby’s, Gooding, and the like are watching with bated breath. If SBX manages to crack the online market code, we could see a seismic shift in how high-stakes auctions are conducted. This could mean serious trouble for those traditional live auction houses. I for one cannot wait for that first huge sale…

Oh, and by the way, it’s not just fancy cars SBX is slinging. They’ve got a sleek glass yacht on the docket and this wild robot—check out the video below. It’s clear SBX isn’t just stepping into the game; they're aiming to redefine it.

Next week, we'll take a closer look at Collecting Cars, which has been posting some of the highest sales figures in the market. Speaking of high figures, BaT just sold a 2022 Ford GT '64 Heritage Edition yesterday for $1,221,000—yet another sale over the $1 million mark.