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Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Last week's auction results

  • Who sold what cars

  • Comparing the major platforms

  • Which decade won the week


There was a steep decline in sales overall last week compared to the previous week. The volume of sales were down 23%. This is the 3rd week in a row that the volume of sales has declined. Is the uncertainty in the current economic climate having an effect on the online auction market? Too soon to know, but I'll be keeping a close eye on what happens this week and will of course report back here my findings. 

It's also the third week in a row that the highest car sale has decreased. Three weeks ago the top sale was $1,451,000. Two weeks ago it was $651,000 and last week $505,000.


To give you the lowdown on the top-selling cars from different sites, I analysed over 10 websites. My basis for ranking them was that a site had to have sold at least three cars that cost over $100k in the last week.

As I thought, there were four sites that met this standard and here are the results.

First up is the current market leader Bring A Trailer. Their tenth highest sale was just shy of $200k.

Bring a trailer top selling vehicles last week

I'll let the numbers do the talking here. The following three companies all had a siginificant difference between their highest sales price and their tenth highest sale price.

cars and bids top selling cars last week
collecting cars top selling cars last week
pcarmarket top selling cars last week

Porsche yet again are the dominant manufacturer who consistently sell the highest priced cars. Every platform has a Porsche sale in their top two sales of the week.


Below I've done a side by side analysis of all four sites for you to see the actual number of sales and the average price of the top ten sale prices. If I were to create a table of the average sale price of all vehicles per platform, you'd see the same results as below, with Bring A Trailer having the highest average sales price and Cars & Bids having the lowest (of just these four platforms).

Auction Vehicles sold last week


After examining the data on last week's car sales, it appears that the most popular decades are the 2000s and 2010s. While I did explore sales figures from previous decades such as the 50s and 40s, the decline in demand for those models was so significant that it didn't seem worth including in the report below.

For the benefit of those, who like myself, were curious as to which vehicle from each decade was the top-selling, I have compiled a table featuring this information, along with the respective sales platform.


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